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Nonprofit Administration & Boardsmanship

Benevolence Programs for Nonprofits (NP9507-1)
With the government social safety net stretching thin, charitable benevolence programs run by nonprofits are filling the gaps. This memo identifies and answers common questions about these programs and includes a sample policy/program outline that can be adapted for use by any nonprofit. (14 pages) Coordinates with ‘Charitable Choice’, NP9702-1.

Compensation Policies & Legal Guidelines for Nonprofit Leaders (NP9102-7)
Leading cases summarize the factors that the IRS considers when reviewing reasonable compensation. This memo explores each case and outlines eight practical steps for avoiding excessive compensation issues in your organization. Includes list of salary surveys for use in setting and comparing salaries. (12 pages)

Conflicts of Interest Policy (NP9110-3)
This memo introduces a sound prevention policy for avoiding conflicts of interest among nonprofit executives and leaders. Includes a sample policy statement and a conflicts resolution document that can be adapted to any organization. (12 pages) Coordinates with ‘The Legal Duties of Nonprofit Directors’, NP9209-2.

Directors’ Nonprofit Legal Duties (NP9209-1)
Designed especially for organizations to use in recruiting and training directors, this memo lays out a director’s primary legal duties in simple Q & A format. Brief examples taken from case law. (19 pages) Coordinates with ‘Conflicts of Interest Policy and Resolution’, NP9110-3.

Governing Responsibly by Nonprofit Board Members (NP9107-1)
With nonprofits constantly under the regulatory spotlight, participation and oversight by a nonprofit’s board of directors takes on new significance. This memo explains significant functions that reflect responsible board participation and provides tips for training new board members. Includes helpful checklist so organizations may evaluate their current board practices. (7 pages)

International Nonprofit Organizations (NP9811-1)
Increased international opportunities, the sweeping globalization of markets, plus remarkable improvements in global communications, technology, and transportation have fueled startling growth among nonprofits in the international arena during the last decade. This memo looks at the phenomenon and answers 30 probing questions for nonprofits engaging in or embarking on international work. (13 pages)

Subsidiaries & Nonprofit Affiliates (NP9304-1)
Part I discusses procedures for obtaining tax-exempt status and basic aspects of the three organizational forms for exempt organizations: the nonprofit corporation, the unincorporated association and the charitable trust. Part II discusses issues that arise when a nonprofit establishes a subsidiary. (9 pages)

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