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NonProfit Alert Newsletters

The Nonprofit Alert has become the new G&G Law Alerts newsletter which can be found here.

Gammon & Grange produced the Nonprofit Alert between 1997 and 2006 for over 1500 nonprofit leaders. This newsletter alerted busy senior managers and board members to vital legislative, judicial and administrative developments in the nonprofit world, which are selected and reported based on their impact on the daily operations of nonprofits. Concise editorial comments offer proactive risk management. The Nonprofit Alert was preventive lawyering at its best, leveraging 10 or 15 minutes of monthly “heads up” reading into thousands of dollars of saved business expenses and legal fees. The Nonprofit Alert is compiled as a result of our firm’s representation of several hundred international, national and regional nonprofit organizations, ministries and trade associations. Our daily experience keeps us in touch with almost every aspect of the nonprofit world the latest legal developments, management ideas, tax trends and other news you need. In addition the Nonprofit Alert consolidates materials from dozens of publications and clipping services.  Nonprofit Alert serves tax-exempt organizations with the most relevant trade and industry information in the nonprofit world — from the latest legal developments and tax trends to the newest ideas in management and fundraising!


  • Alerts executives to legal developments in the nonprofit world
  • Provides critical risk management for proactive managers
  • Leverages quick reading into practical tips to save business and legal expenses

Electronic versions of  Nonprofit Alerts are available from our Online Archive. These documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free here!  Download size of Alerts vary, but generally runs about 160 KBs.

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