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Attorneys & Staff

Meet The Attorneys


Photo of attorney Robert B. Adams
Robert B. Adams
Photo of attorney George R. Grange
George R. Grange
Photo of attorney Franklin W. Pugh
Franklin W. Pugh
Photo of attorney A. Wray Fitch
A. Wray Fitch
Photo of attorney Stephen H. King
Stephen H. King
Photo of attorney J. Matthew Szymanski
J. Matthew Szymanski
Photo of attorney Robert Flores
Robert Flores
Photo of attorney Nancy Oliver Lesourd
Nancy Oliver LeSourd
Photo of attorney Bonnie Loh Van Der Weide
Bonnie Loh Van Der Weide
Photo of attorney Derek Gaubatz
Derek Gaubatz
Photo of attorney Kenneth E. Liu
Kenneth E. Liu
Photo of attorney Scott J. Ward
Scott J. Ward

Subject Matter Experts

Photo of subject matter expert Phil D. Eskeland
Phil Eskeland


Photo of office administrator Leslie Vereide Jones

Leslie Vereide Jones
Office Administrator

Photo of director of information technology Tom Jubb
Tom Jubb
Director of Information Technology
Phot of paralegal Elizabeth Flanagan
Elizabeth Flanagan
Controller Sandra Long
Sandra Long
Senior FCC paralegal Cindy H. Evans
Cindy H. Evans
Senior FCC Paralegal
Paralegal Susan Szymanski

Susan Szymanski