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Using Decades Of
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A Skilled Legal Resource In Government Affairs And Public Policy

At the intersection of law and public policy, exempt organizations play an important role and have vital interests at stake. Today, the need for an informed and articulate nonprofit voice at the public policy table has never been more vital. On a host of legislative and regulatory issues, exempt organizations are increasingly engaged in policy debates at the state and federal levels to protect and advance their charitable missions. A nonprofit lawyer could be the thing that gives your organization a seat at the table.

Gammon & Grange‘s Government Affairs & Public Policy Practice includes:

Client Advocacy: Gammon & Grange‘s service range from direct advocacy contact with federal and state officials and their staff in the executive and legislative branches to explain and advance the concerns of our clients to indirect or grassroots advocacy or, more often, a combination of the two. In addition to legislation, exempt organizations have to be vigilant and engaged in the regulatory and rulemaking process and are often faced with adverse or conflicting agency determinations and interpretations. Gammon & Grange helps navigate the maze of legislative chambers and agency corridors.

Advocacy Coalition Building: One of the more intimidating aspects of government affairs and public policy for exempt organizations can be a sense of isolation geographically as well as from others who might share their concerns and goals. Gammon & Grange helps create a successful campaign by clearly identifying goals and obstacles, identifying partners, and creating and executing a disciplined strategy to achieve our client’s goals.

Legislative and Advocacy Materials: Few messages, no matter how compelling, are self-communicating. Harmonizing the message, media, and audience is the key to success. Gammon & Grange ensures exempt entities are equipped with strong and persuasive arguments by drafting legislative language; preparing effective issue papers and briefing books; drafting official comments to proposed rulemaking; drafting amicus curiae briefs on critical judicial issues; and, creating hearing testimony to communicate client’s interests. G&G also prepares our clients to testify at hearings and testifies on their behalf.

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring: Located in the Washington, DC metro-area, Gammon & Grange monitors issues that impact our clients as well as attends committee hearings and executive branch briefings.

Government Grants/Cooperative Agreements and Contracting: For our clients interested in federal or state funding, Gammon & Grange provides review and analysis of government Requests For Proposals (RFP); technical clarifications; assistance with program planning and design (including potential partner identification); as well as counsel regarding proposal construction, project management, reporting and evaluation.

Over the years, Gammon & Grange has repeatedly and successfully served a catalyzing role for our clients in the exempt organization sector by strategically navigating administrative or legislative shoals:

The CARE Coalition (Career Assistance to Rehabilitate Employees) brought together nonprofits with work rehabilitation programs such as Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (“AGRM”) and The Salvation Army to successfully oppose the Department of Labor attempts to impose crippling regulations on these vital job reentry programs.

The NICHE Coalition (“Nonprofit Insurance Coverage for Healthy Employees”) brought together various associations of nonprofits such as Christian Retirement Association (“CRA”), Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies (“EFMA”), Evangelical Association of Financial Accountability (“ECFA”) and the National Association of Religious Broadcasters (“NRB”) to expand the Small Business Health Fairness Action to include nonprofit employers.

CAREFUL (the “Coalition Advocating Responsible and Efficient Fundraising Under the Law”) successfully reversed the IRS’ opposition to deputized fundraising, by presenting a united and articulate voice on behalf of such groups as ECFA, Great Commission Ministries and Campus Crusade for Christ.

The TRUST Coalition (“Tax Restraint Ultimately Secures Trust”) assembled more than a dozen leading faith-based organizations, such as American Bible Society, Assemblies of God Foundation, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, National Religious Broadcasters Association, Prison Fellowship, Samaritan’s Purse, The Salvation Army, World Vision and Wycliffe Bible Translators, to map a strategy to restrain massive new regulations of exempt organizations advocated by the Senate Finance Committee.

In today’s public policy arena, it is critical to be proactive. Once a legislative or regulatory proposal has gathered momentum, it becomes significantly more difficult to amend or defeat. Being engaged from the outset is the most effective means of ensuring the final legislation or regulation reflects your knowledge, experience and organizational perspective.

To explore whether one or a combination of these government affairs/public policy services might serve your organization’s immediate needs or strategic plan, please call Chip Grange to discuss your questions or request a formal proposal.

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