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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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Faith-Based For-Profit Entity Law

At the intersection of faith and business are purpose-driven leaders seeking to build profitable and transformative corporate cultures. As a faith-based business leader, you not only want a viable and profitable business, you want it to effectively promote your religious values and mission.

G&G has served hundreds of purpose-driven leaders and faith-based businesses since 1977 and has worked with most of the organizations that resource this space, such as C-12, CBMC, Convene, Faith at Work, and t-factor.

The leading edge provided by G&G’s constitutional and other legal services include all the usual organizational, operational, and transactional matters pertaining to business law, plus the increasingly wide and deep unique issues faith-based entities face, such as:

  • Practically incorporating faith mission and values into business organization and operations;
  • Managing compliance with the growing body of state and federal laws governing discrimination in employment, services, and accommodation;
  • Practically implementing the constitutional freedoms of expression, association, and religious belief;
  • Prudently integrating bible study, prayer groups, chaplaincy, etc. in your workplace;
  • Wisely navigating the IRS and other regulatory reefs in the path of nonprofit religious organizations collaborating with businesses;
  • Providing training and tools to proactively manage risks of faithfully implementing faith driven values in an often hostile culture.

Transform Workplace Culture

Gammon & Grange, P.C. attorneys have decades of experience providing legal counsel on these matters to your purpose-driven peers. We are eager to consult with you off-the-clock to explore whether we might add expertise, experience and value to your leadership team as you seek to transform workplace cultures around the world for the glory of God.

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