Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You

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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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Guiding Organizations In Employment Law Matters

With four decades of legal experiences, Gammon & Grange in Tysons, Virginia, helps business and nonprofit clients successfully navigate a daunting array of regulatory compliance issues and litigation risks. Experienced white water river guides keep a journey of “fun in the sun” from morphing into “What went wrong?” and “If only we had been told.”

Our attorneys wants to be your river guide in the fast moving waters of human resources. Hundreds of our clients have successfully negotiated the HR rapids and shoals utilizing the tools and counsel of our deep bench experience with HR policies, practice, litigation, counseling and confidential internal or independent employment-related investigations.

Mediation, Arbitration And Resolving Conflicts

We represent employers who are just starting up to those who have been started by our nation’s founders. All receive experienced counsel in all aspects of employment law from daily human resource counsel, advising on executive compensation contracts and packages, minimizing work-place conflict, to assisting proactive senior leadership conduct discrimination/harassment audits, to counseling the board as it walks through high-level HR investigations, etc.

Our attorneys help clients implement preventative measures to reduce the risk of litigation, comply with employment regulations, and equip them to address every stage of the employer-employee relationship – from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, discipline, to termination. These measures consistently followed avoid or resolve most conflict. Should conflict nevertheless escalate, we have extensive resources and experience to guide in workplace conciliation, mediation and arbitration to resolve such conflicts without litigation.

In the rare instances where litigation becomes unavoidable, we marshal our extensive experience before judges and juries to obtain the best possible results for employers – whether that takes us to administrative agencies or to state or federal court.

Providing Valuable Insight To Clients

Through the years, we have been a steadfast ally of businesses and nonprofit employers, providing attentive service along with reliable advice. Our lawyers represent businesses and nonprofits in areas such as:

  • Best Practices for Human Resource Policies, including Record Keeping
  • Recruiting and Job Advertising
  • Social Media Policies
  • Comprehensive or Targeted HR Audits of Policies, Practices, Procedures, and Contracts
    Background Checks
  • Updating Noncompete, Nonsolicitation Provisions
  • Employment Contracts and Hiring Issues
  • Structuring Key Senior Leadership Compensation Packages
  • Comprehensive Audits of Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • Wage and Hour Compliance – Overtime payment and Employee Classifications under the FLSA and State Law
  • Affirmative Action Planning and Labor Requirements of the Federal Service Contract Act
  • Leave Issues under the FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation
  • EEO Training, Audits and Civil Rights Investigations
  • Internal Investigations Related to Potential Discharge and Discipline of Employees
  • Reorganizations, RIFs and Workforce Reduction Issues under WARN
  • Charges of Race, Age and Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
  • Noncompete and Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreements Concerning Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets
  • Risk Management Related to Child care
  • Legally Differentiating Independent Contractors from Compensated Employees
  • Legally Differentiating Volunteers from Compensated Employees
  • Termination-related Tort Claims such as Wrongful Discharge, Defamation, Intentional Infliction
  • Assault and Battery, and Negligent Hiring and Supervision
  • Termination Issues
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration

You can count on a steady legal hand with our experienced lawyers. We are ready to answer any of your questions and provide the right answers.

A Seasoned Practice Guiding Nonprofits

Our employment practice also has decades of experience serving the unique needs of churches, schools, associations, NGOs and other nonprofit and tax exempt entities – whether faith-based or strictly charitable:

  • First Amendment Freedoms In The Workplace
  • Religious and Educational Purposes and Identity
  • Unique Tax And Employment Issues For Pastors
  • Risk Management Related to Children’s Ministry
  • Risk Management Related to Pastoral or Nonprofit Counseling
  • Statements of Faith
  • Religious Hiring, Ministerial Exceptions and Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications
  • Housing Allowances, and SECA Exemptions
  • Religious Exemptions from Certain Nondiscrimination Laws
  • Codes of Conduct and Anti-harassment Policies
  • Donor Solicitation Compliance under State Law

We guide nonprofits, start-up and established businesses, providing a variety of legal advice in areas such as planning, noncompete clauses as well as employment law.

Give Us A Prompt Call And We Can Help

For decades, the attorneys at Gammon & Grange, P.C., in Tysons, Virginia, have provided legal guidance for businesses seeking advice in employment law. We have the skills and knowledge to help. Please contact us via email or call 703-761-5000 .