Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You

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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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Nonprofit Law Requires a Skilled Nonprofit Lawyer

Need a consultation for a legal issue facing your nonprofit or tax-exempt organization? A nonprofit lawyer with a proven track record can be an invaluable resource! Gammon and Grange has a team of nonprofit lawyers with over 40 years of experience who specialize in nonprofit and tax-exempt organizational law.

Today’s nonprofit and charitable organizations exist in an age where regulations rule. Regulations govern every stage of a nonprofit organization’s life. Regardless of your charity’s size, whether a small startup, an educational institution, a trade association or a multimillion-dollar endowment, it is crucial that your organization is armed with the knowledge and know-how to stay in compliance with government regulations. If led astray, your nonprofit could be assessed stiff penalties or even revocation of nonprofit status.

Despite the need nonprofits have for solid legal advice, few law firms exist, that focus on nonprofit law and or exempt organizations. The attorneys at Gammon & Grange, P.C., in Tysons, Virginia, have nonprofit lawyers with decades of experience in helping nonprofits navigate the complex world of state and federal regulations.

A Knowledgeable Nonprofit Lawyer is an Ally For Nonprofit and Charity Organizations

As an experienced NGO law firm, we’ve helped tax-exempt organizations of all sizes with formation matters, nonprofit board governance and best practices, mandatory filings, fundraising and lobbying, and IRS issues. Through the years, we have served many charities with missions that affect people in local communities and the world, including international NGOs providing food, water, shelter and medical care to needy people; organizations promoting youth development and education; organizations that promote the welfare of children and families; organizations fighting sex-trafficking and child slavery; groups helping women in crisis pregnancy; homeless shelters; and ministries serving prisoners and their children.

Guiding Clients In Many Different Areas

We help to improve nonprofits and expand the capacities of such organizations so they can better fulfill their missions. Our nonprofit lawyers are pioneers in tax-exempt law, and frequently lecture and write on legal issues affecting tax-exempt organizations. We advise our nonprofit clients on numerous issues, including:

  • Incorporation and tax-exemption applications
  • Board governance
  • Charitable solicitation registration along with charitable gifts and fundraising
  • State and local tax matters
  • Employment matters and dispute resolution
  • First Amendment and constitutional issues
  • Local and international affiliations
  • For-profit subsidiaries as well as investment and endowment policies
  • Lobbying and political activity

Our experienced nonprofit attorneys can help you in many different areas and will provide keen insight and direction.

Educating Our Clients At Every Step

In other legal areas, we assist national trade associations with regulatory compliance, legislative issues and can serve as outside general counsel providing a wide variety of legal services.

Our nonprofit law attorneys are leaders in the areas of preventative law, legal audits and diagnostic tools for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Our law firm has helped numerous CEOs and board management teams diagnose and reduce legal risks in their operation and organization.

In addition to keeping your organization informed, we can also ensure that you know what’s coming by helping you stay abreast of new and emerging legal trends affecting nonprofits. As part of our mission to provide preventative legal services, Gammon & Grange, P.C., produces the popular G&G Law Alert™, a free periodic update alerting nonprofit leaders to important legal developments in the nonprofit world.

Firsthand Experience Working With Nonprofits

Our nonprofit lawyers and exempt organization law attorneys have personal experience in working with nonprofits. They frequently speak at national nonprofit meetings and many have served and are serving on the boards of charities and professional organizations. They have taught courses on nonprofit and business law and have authored numerous publications on nonprofit issues. In 2005, our attorneys helped start Good Samaritan Advocates, a faith-based legal aid organization providing free legal and other assistance to people who need it.

Call to Speak with a Nonprofit Lawyer Today

Gammon & Grange, P.C., in Tysons, Virginia, has been a longtime ally of nonprofit organizations. We understand every legal aspect of nonprofit and exempt organization law, and our efforts will help you. Let us show you how we can put our experience to work. For a consultation with a nonprofit lawyer or one of our exempt organization attorneys, please fill out this online form or call us at 703-761-5000 .