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Using Decades Of Experience To Work For You


Fighting For You In Civil Litigation Law

Based in northern Virginia, the attorneys at Gammon & Grange, P.C. in Tysons represent clients in state, local and federal courts, government agencies, and administrative boards. As skilled negotiators and litigators, we have guided clients in a variety of civil matters, including those related to intellectual property, contracts and business torts.

You can count on our experienced attorneys, who provide effective and knowledgeable legal advice. We will do our best to help you avoid any legal battles, but we are prepared to fight for you when we must.

We Have The Skills To Help In Civil Law

Few law firms understand civil law as much as we do. Our civil litigation lawyers are equipped to handle a variety of litigation matters on behalf of clients, including:

With more than 30 years of experience, the firm realizes that even the most successful professionals and businesses run into litigation issues. Rather than taking time, energy and resources from core business competencies, clients turn to the firm to prevent costly and protracted legal battles or efficiently and effectively address them once they arrive. The firm’s comprehensive knowledge, personal approach, decades of experience and unyielding dedication have helped hundreds of clients reach best-possible resolutions. Our attorneys are prepared to help you do the same.

A Legacy Of Success, So Call Now

For our clients, Gammon & Grange, P.C. in Tysons, Virginia, can provide more than 30 years of preventative law and civil litigation experience. Discover how the firm earned its reputation for legal excellence and track record of success. Our service is our legacy. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact us via email or call 703-873-7349.