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Domain Name Trademark Infringement: Is Your Organization at Risk?

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Intellectual Property | 0 comments

When you hear “Nissan”, what do you think of? A car manufacturer or computer company?  

Unfortunately for Nissan Motor Co., customers who visit do not find a car website but a website for a small computer company based in Raleigh, NC. That’s because the computer company used the name before Nissan Motor’s brand became well-known across the nation. 

The computer company has been able to keep its domain name — after battling in court with Nissan Motor for 15 years. If Nissan Motor had registered the domain name first, it would not have suffered this embarrassing legal and public relations loss and would have been eligible for copyright statutory damages

Trademark / Domain Name Registration: How it Protects Your Brand

Preventing domain name trademark infringement protects your organization’s reputation and eliminates public confusion. Your organization should therefore register all trademark / domain names associated with its brand as early as possible. 

Other companies may take domain names like yours in good faith (due to having a similar name). Others could take it in bad faith in cybersquatting cases (i.e., intentionally taking a similar domain to sell it to you or generating revenue based on your organization’s reputation). 

To avoid the possibility of domain name trademark infringement, your organization should register as many domain names as possible that comprise the permutations of your organization’s name. 

Avoid domain name trademark infringement: Search bar with the text: "http://www."

How Many Trademark / Domain Names Should I Register?

Given the low cost of domain name registration, registering several trademark/domain names is a cost-effective means of ensuring brand and trademark protection

Below are domain name categories you should consider when registering for domain names, along with examples of a hypothetical non-profit Jubilee Youth Institute:

  • Common misspellings and typos (e.g., 
  • Hyphens between words (e.g., 
  • Plural and singular words (e.g., and  
  • Abbreviations and short forms of names (e.g.,  
  • Generic words related to your organization (e.g.,  
  • Geographic terms added to your name (e.g., 

We recommend registering permutations in all of the three most common top-level domains: .com, .org, and .net. You should also register under top-level country domain names in key countries if your organization conducts business internationally.

Don’t Let Domain Name Trademark Infringement Impact Your Organization

Given the relatively low cost of domain name registration, owning an extensive portfolio of domain names related to key trademarks is well worth it to curb the risk of domain name trademark infringement, which can tarnish your organization’s reputation. If you’d like further guidance on safeguarding your organization form domain name trademark infringement, consult with our intellectual property lawyers.

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