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Resolving Employment Disputes Within Churches

Church employment is by nature different from private employment in the business world. A pastor, minister or priest is expected to hold beliefs in alignment with the majority of the congregation. A congregation may wish to hire or fire a clergy member, choir director or Sunday school superintendent on the basis of personality, doctrine or church politics at the local or national level.

We Represent Religious Institutions In Employment Disputes

A member of the clergy, on the other hand, has a tremendous stake and investment in a church where he or she is employed. The calling of the pastor may have taken a year or two. The minister may have come to fill the position from far away. Replacement employment will be very difficult to find in many cases, given the nature of a pastorate.

Churches approaching, or engaged in, employment litigation involving clergy or other key church staff members are encouraged to contact the northern Virginia law firm of Gammon & Grange, P.C., to discuss pending or ongoing religious employment litigation.

Is your church’s pastor digging in his or her heels and refusing to leave despite the express will of the congregation to the contrary? The lawyers of Gammon & Grange, P.C., represent churches that require assistance to complete the removal of a minister who has promoted heresy, engaged in unethical behavior, abused young people in the church, or in any other way convinced the church that removal is necessary.

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