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Staying Alert And Helping You Avoid Trademark Solicitation Scams

When you file a trademark, it becomes public record. Most trademark owners do not know that you must submit additional filings on a periodic basis to keep the trademark registration alive and protect your intellectual property. These deadlines can be far between, causing many trademark holders to forget.

The process of obtaining a trademark can be complicated with multiple steps, applications and filings. The complexity of the process leaves many trademark holders vulnerable to scams created to take money for fraudulent services.

Beware Of Unsolicited Trademark Notices Or Scams

At Gammon & Grange, P.C., we work with trademark holders to protect their intellectual property without falling victim to such scams and fraudulent solicitations. Our attorneys will provide you with a clear understanding of what you need to do to obtain and renew a trademark. By working through our firm, you enjoy the confidence of full protection without being misled by the scams of illegitimate companies.

If you are a trademark holder, please contact us to learn how we can help you protect your intellectual property. Call our law offices today at toll-free 866-896-7682 or 703-873-7349.

Certain companies prey upon this forgetfulness. They go through the public records to determine when deadlines are coming up on certain trademarks and send solicitations to those holders, telling them that the deadline is approaching. They often appear as an official agency and ask for money to renew the trademark in an attempt to solicit business.

These are scams fishing for money through fraudulent services. It is important that you carefully investigate any notice or solicitation you receive through the mail to determine where it comes from before sending any money for renewal.

If you have received a suspicious notification or solicitation, please contact our offices to determine if it is legitimate or a fraudulent attempt to take your money. Call us today.