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Guiding Businesses In Organization, Policies And Procedures

Employment law is a frustrating and confusing issue for many companies and business owners. As they focus on their core business operations, they must also adhere to a constantly evolving set of state and federal laws surrounding how employees are to be treated and managed.

Creating An Employee Handbook To Mitigate Risk Of Employment Law Litigation

At Gammon & Grange, P.C., we work with companies to develop and establish a handbook of personnel policies and procedures to ensure that they are in full compliance with state and federal employment law. Our attorneys will review the handbook you have in place to identify weaknesses or blind spots. If you are a new company, we will help you create the rules you need to avoid legal issues and allow you to continue to focus on your core competencies as a business owner.

For more information about how we can conduct a comprehensive audit of personnel policies and procedures, please contact our law offices today at toll-free 866-896-7682 or 703-873-7349.

The employee handbook of personnel policies and procedures is critical to the business interests of any company. An employment law lawsuit can create an expensive and time-consuming distraction to the business’s operations.

We help mitigate that risk by thoroughly reviewing the policies you have in place, including:

  • Wage and hour policies, as well as overtime
  • Classification of employees and contractors
  • Policies to eliminate harassment or discrimination on any level of operations
  • FMLA policies
  • Disciplinary policies
  • Benefits policies

Our lawyers are experienced in employment law and litigation. We know what types of issues can result in a lawsuit, and we head that risk off by creating policies to proactively avoid such behavior.

For more information, please contact our law offices today at toll-free 866-896-7682 or 703-873-7349.