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G&G Law Memo Intellectual Property Media Issues

Copyright Law: Your Rights and Responsibilities (NP9208-2)

Two issues are important for nonprofits: how to protect your own copyrighted material and how to avoid infringement of other copyrights. This memo discusses both issues in practical terms. (7 pages)

Media Relations: Making the Media Work for You (NP9210-1)

A nonprofit’s effectiveness in publicizing its purpose and message can be multiplied exponentially by developing and implementing a dynamic media policy. Here are basic guidelines for using the media and avoiding legal pitfalls. (6 pages)

The Fairness Doctrine: Its Status and Prospects (NP9403-1)

Despite the FCC’s repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, it seems frozen in time rather than absolutely dead. Congressional attempts to revive the doctrine still surface from time to time. This memo summarizes the history and status of the doctrine. (8 pages)

Trademark Law for Nonprofits (NP9301-2)

Federal trademark registration offers vital protection for nonprofits whose operations extend into the arena of interstate business through programs such as radio, TV, video or audio presentations. Find out what, when and how to register with this memo. (9 pages)

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