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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
For a Free Consultation

2006 Nonprofit Alert Archive


  • Appeals Court Reverses Intermediate Sanctions Penalties Citing Valuation Errors
  • Penalties for Disguised Tuition Payment Programs
  • Finders, Keepers; Losers, Weepers
  • Property Tax Exemption Denied Church that Operated For-Profit Child Care Program
  • Use of Test Violates Disabilities Act
  • Buffett Donates Billions to Gates Foundation
  • UBI on Rental of Rooms


  • Congress Passes Charitable Provisions; President Signs
  • Charity Surveys Prove Optimistic
  • Lack of Documentation = No Deduction
  • GAO Report Finds CFC Charities Owe Taxes
  • Tribune Co. v. Tribune Foundation: Conflict of Interest
  • IRS Increases Determination Letter Fees


  • Update on EO Legislative Reform Proposals
  • NHTSA Reissues 15-Passenger Van Safety Advisory
  • Charity Official Charged with Theft
  • Michigan A.G. Starts Controversial Investigation into the Ford Foundation
  • Indiana Judge Hands Control of Schwab Over to a New Board
  • Gates Foundation Awards $75,000 Grant to NCNA
  • DAF’s Denial of Tax Exemption Upheld
  • Muslim Charitable Organizations Raise Voices of Concern
  • Intermediate Sanctions/Revocation Regulations
  • IRS Officials Discuss Common Filing Errors


  • Update on Congress’ Exempt Organization Reform Proposals
  • IRS Reports on Political Activities Compliance Initiative
  • Massachusetts House Rejects Legislation Requiring Churches to Disclose Finances
  • Senate Finance Committee Holds Roundtable Highlighting Inquiries Into Charities
  • Controversial Interpretation of the Fifth Amendment “Eminent Domain” Clause
  • IRS Revokes Exemptions of Credit-counseling Organizations


  • CA Decision on Episcopal Church Splits
  • Terrorism Guidelines Released
  • Study Finds Donor Intent Important
  • Salvation Army Employment Discrimination/Retaliation Case
  • IRS Grants Exempt Status to Christian Coalition International
  • Legislative Action on “Hate Crimes”
  • Katrina Legal Aid Resource Center