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Using Decades Of
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1998 Nonprofit Alert Archive

December 1998

  • Tax Break for Stock Donations Permanent
  • Nonprofit Liable for Volunteer’s Negligence
  • Postal Service Targeting Nonprofit Eligibility Rates
  • Board Trustees Liable for Preferential Contracting
  • ‘Fair Share’ Policies Draw Negative Attention
  • New Warning: Alliance Tracks Pirated Software
  • Y2K and Beyond: What It Means for Nonprofits
  • If It Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck…
  • No Arbitration Unless Employee Knowingly Agrees
  • It’s That Time Again: Year-End Receipting Beckons
  • IRS Hints at Future Developments
  • Critics Prevail; No Change in Tax Filing Threshold
  • North Carolina Raises Charitable Gift Tax Credit
  • Ohio Denies Tax Exemption to Church Parking Lot
  • Oregon Camp Residence Escapes Property Taxes

November 1998

  • Supreme Court Won’t Revisit Case of Bankrupt Donation Pursued by Trustee
  • Congress Extends Copyrights to 70 Years, Plus Additional Protection for Some Nonprofits
  • Charities Prepare for Coming Disclosures
  • State Fights to Remove Trustees for Breach of Duty
  • Charity Pays $75,000 to Settle Fundraising Uproar
  • Nonprofit Liable for Swimming Pool Accident
  • Campus Ministry Not Exempt From Unemployment
  • Have Car, Will Travel – – And Deduct Auto Lease
  • IRS Casts Weary Eye to Split-Interest Insurance
  • Turning the Tables…And Chairs…on UBIT
  • International Issues Abound for Nonprofits
  • Good News Just Got Better: Deductions Increase
  • California Imposes Registration on Consultants
  • LLC Company Qualifies for New York Exemption

October 1998

  • Court Upholds Registration Law on Fundraisers
  • Nonprofit Endorsement deal Raises Questions
  • Serving Two masters: A Situation Ripe for Conflict
  • Charity Exec Collects $1.5M Defamation Award
  • Board Member Faces Criminal Charges for Bids
  • Harassment Leads to Retaliatory Discharge Claim
  • Transportation Benefits Offer Nice Tax Break | No Gain, No Pain: Couple Avoids Inurement
  • Conference Center’s Meals Subject to Tax
  • AICPA Changes Fundraising Allocations
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships – – And Charitable Deductions
  • Georgia Raises Threshold for Independent Review
  • Oklahoma Adds Genetic Discrimination to Statutes

September 1998

  • IRS Releases Regs on Intermediate Sanctions
  • ‘Historic Wealth Transfer’: $1 Trillion to Charities
  • Children’s Charity Banned from Fundraising
  • Art Museum drops Lawsuit Against Donor
  • Change of Heart Costs Association $9.9 Million
  • Boy Scouts May Be Liable for Negligent Retention
  • Insider Transactions: Slow Down, Curve Ahead!
  • CGA Case Finally Ends After Long Legal Battle
  • To Count or Not to Count Earmarked Gifts?
  • Special Housing Arrangements Prompt Tax Liabilities
  • Maryland Laws Favor Nonprofits
  • Oregon Harpoons Aquarium Exemption
  • Pennsylvania Exempts Park; Admission Fees Okay
  • Goodwill Hunting: Big Gift from Clueless Donor

August 1998

  • Form 990 Disclosure Starts Soon; Nonprofits Brace for Onslaught of Requests
  • Supreme Court Lets Ruling Stand on Church Exemptions from Unemployment Taxes
  • Museum Audit Uncovers Conflicts of Interest
  • Charity Exec, Lawmaker Face Conspiracy Charges
  • Work Security Sees More Employee Threats
  • Employee v. Contractor: Two Taxing Tales
  • Faulty Release Violates Age Discrimination Law
  • Pooled Income Funds: Merging Into Bigger Pool
  • Foundation’s Scholarships Pegged with Tax
  • From Morbid to Moribund, UBIT Abounds
  • California Nonprofits Face Greater Scrutiny
  • Michigan Governor Vetoes Nonprofit Tax Break
  • New Ethical Standards Designed for Nonprofit Boards
  • New York Denies Sales Tax Exemption to AARP

July 1998

  • Congress Passes Charitable Donation Protection Act
  • Nonprofit Postal Rates On the Rise Again
  • Affiliate of National Charity Keeps $1M
  • Knowledge Isn’t Everything When Tax At Issue
  • Employer May be Liable for ‘Peeping Tom’
  • Once Is Enough for Alcohol Treatment
  • Doctor’s Orders: Go to Work!
  • Volunteerism Higher in U.S. Than Most Countries
  • Adopt-A-Pet Neutered by IRS
  • Leases Okay, but Storage Produces UBIT
  • Indiana Grants Exemption for Church Renovation
  • Colin Powell Challenges Nonprofit Associations
  • Michigan Study Shows Reluctance to Bequeath
  • Brokerage Firm Pays Royalties to Nonprofits
  • Two Indicators Show Donations on the Rise
  • Tax Code v. Bible: Words Apart

June 1998

  • Travel Tours: IRS Makes UBIT Limitations Official
  • Internet Taxes Halted by Moratorium Legislation
  • Cancer Charity Cleared of Financial Wrongdoing
  • Director Personally Liable for Fiduciary Duty to Creditors
  • Defamation: A $1.2-Million Yard Sale Bargain?
  • A Meal Ticket to Taxes: Employer Liable for Withholding
  • Executive Compensation Remains at Forefront
  • Corporation’s Gift of Stock Qualifies for Tax Break
  • Veterans Post Loses Exempt Status After Operating Profit-Making Activities
  • Private Foundations Get Clean Bill of Health from IRS
  • District of Columbia Looks Again to Taxing Exempts
  • Hawaii Abandons Tax; Nonprofits Escape Coverage
  • ‘Charitable Choice’ Would Expand to More Social Programs
  • Tennessee Permits Property Transfers, Despite Tax Liens
  • Checking up on Donors: No ‘Blank’ Deductions
  • Annuity Payouts Should Decline Slightly, Council Suggests
  • Software developer Offers Free Web Space to Nonprofits

May 1998

  • IRS Extends Deadlines in Two Major Employer Programs
  • Membership Mail Meets 50% Limit Under New USPS Rules
  • Nonprofit Assessed $1 Million for Volunteer’s Conduct
  • Missed Deadline Forces Return of $3-Million Gift
  • CBN Pays Big IRS Settlement, But Retains Exempt Status
  • FMLA Clock Starts Ticking with Temp Time
  • FMLA Clock Skips Time for Vacations & Holidays
  • Stress & ADA: Relief for Employer; Remorse for Employee
  • Nonprofit Puts Director to Bed – – With IRS Approval
  • Nonprofit Landlord Furthers Mission by Renting Building
  • Bankrupt Donors: Can You Keep Their Contributions?
  • Massachusetts Exempts Nonprofits’ Video & Film Sales
  • Washington State Considers fundraising Exemptions
  • Charitable Benefit Warrant: The Latest Financial Product
  • Nonprofit Salaries Lag, but Vacations Outpace Industry

April 1998

  • Supreme Court Extends Sexual Harassment Protection
  • Critic Barred from Using Domain Name of Nonprofit
  • Charity Wins $1.5 Million in Damages From Fund Raiser
  • Nonprofit Liable for ‘Rescuer’s’ Muddy Fall | Nonprofit’s Executive Salaries raise Alarm in Congress
  • One Little Mistake Invalidates early Retirement Waiver
  • Social Security Benefits Don’t Hamper ADA Rights
  • Fitness Center Sweats Through IRS Workout
  • Strict Limits Proposed on Charities’ Political Activities
  • Colorado Considers Tax Exemption for Donated Goods
  • Home Office Injuries: Can an Employer be Liable?
  • Missouri Exempts Nonprofit Construction
  • Universities Roundup Gift of $9-Million Ranch
  • The ‘Stamp’ of Approval for Philanthropy

March 1998

  • Charitable Giving, Nonprofit Employees Stand to Benefit from Pending Legislation
  • Work-Study Students Freed of Social Security Taxes
  • Cash Award Permitted; Not an Excess Benefit
  • Company VP Narrowly Escapes Back Tax Liability
  • Nonprofit Locked in Legal Battle with Its State Affiliate
  • IRS Now Accepts E-Mail to Document Travel Expenses
  • Clients of Exempt Work Program Classify as Employees
  • IRS Barks Up the Wrong Tree on Kennel Club’s Income
  • Inflation Raises Amounts Donors Deduct for Quid Pro Quo
  • Florida Privacy Proposal Defeated; Mailing Lists Now Safe
  • Connecticut Protect Charities from FOIA Requests
  • Employees on Loan: Are YOU Their Employer?
  • Bookstore Launches Creative Fund Raising Venture
  • Gifted Ghost Town Scares Up Tax Deduction
  • Electronic Newsletter Published for Board Members

February 1998

  • New Copyright Law Protects On-Line Material
  • Supreme Court Weighs In on Controversial Annuity Case
  • Fiduciary Duties Part I: Director’s Failure to Inform
  • Fiduciary Duties Part II: Minister’s Sexual Misconduct
  • Refusal to Verify Employment Leads to Liability
  • Get Along by getting Along, Not by Arguing Disability
  • Private Inurement Brings Down Club Members
  • IRS Says: ‘No Records; No Exemption’
  • Standard Mileage Rates, Per Diem Increase for 1998
  • Arkansas Exemption Depends on Use, Not Ownership
  • Florida Privacy Proposal Gaining Attention
  • Virginia Taxes Solicitations by Out-of-State Nonprofit
  • Joint Ventures: Nonprofits Must Exercise Control
  • Bankruptcy Court Approves Reasonable Contributions
  • Consider Joint Marketing with Commercial Product
  • Year 2000: Excuse for Another Day Off?

January 1998

  • Landmark Case Preserves Pennsylvania Tax Exemption
  • Inurement Governs Third Party ‘Insiders’
  • Volunteer Loses Harassment Case Against Hospital
  • Seven Arrested for Embezzlement at Goodwill Industries
  • Legal Questions Prompt Request for Board Resignations
  • Employee Drug Testing Must be Without Pretext
  • Common Mistakes Hamper W-2’s, Create Penalties
  • Writing on the Wall Generates UBIT
  • Tax Exempt Bonds More Popular as Finance Tool
  • California Shuts Down ‘Living Trust Mill’
  • Fumigating the Year 2000 Bug: What Works for Nonprofits
  • Florida Favors Phone Freebies for Philanthropies
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts Get Timing Reprieve
  • Catalog of Charities Showcases Little-Known Groups