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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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December 1999

  • Foundation Declares Bankruptcy Amid Investigation
  • Scripture May Be Authority Over Contract Disputes
  • Fraud and Abuse Alleged in Child Food Program
  • Presidential Seal of Approval Backfires on Charity
  • Silence Beats Half Truth in Employee Job Referral
  • Waffle House Can’t Mix ADR Into EEOC Batter
  • Odometer Alert: IRS Raises Business Mileage Rate
  • Law and Disorder: Experts Question IRS Activities
  • New Web Sites Serve Nonprofits
  • Are IRS Tax-Exempt Audits Politically Motivated?
  • IRS Develops A Greater Affinity for Credit Cards
  • Nonprofits Are Invited to Boston “Fee” Party
  • Private School Program for the Poor Prevails in AZ

November 1999

  • Congress Attaches More Strings to Federal Funds
  • Web Worries: No Jurisdiction From Internet Ads
  • Baptist Charity Investigated for Financial Dealings
  • IRS Mistake Doesn’t Relieve Church of Liability
  • Convention Contract Bowls a Strike for Association
  • On the Road Again: Tricky Travel Deductions
  • Executive Salaries Increase at Top U.S. Nonprofits
  • Baseball Exemption Is Just a Field of Dreams
  • Gift is Same in All Languages, Despite Confusion
  • Historic AOL/Guidestar Venture Puts Charities in the Sunlight
  • Club’s Sale of Property Tees Off UBIT Concerns
  • Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Expands Nationally
  • Arkansas Stiffens Solicitations With DTPA Penalties
  • Texas Opens Board Meetings Via Video & Internet

October 1999

  • Employees-Turned-Volunteers Can’t Claim Overtime Pay, Appeals Court Rules
  • Duty to Report Child Abuse Averts Defamation
  • Church ‘Missed the Bus’ on Transportation Contract
  • Home Sweet Home? Not for Salesman/Minister
  • Until Death or Discrimination Do Us Part
  • Post-Bankruptcy Conversion Doesn’t Save Donors
  • Nonprofit Indemnifying For-Profit Still Exempt
  • Charity Protected From Disclosing Contributors
  • Study Highlights Media Strategies for Nonprofits
  • Tax Treaty: Trans-Border Without Transgressions
  • California: First to Okay Electronic Signatures
  • Virginia Makes Local Charities’ Property Exempt

September 1999

  • Joint Venture Deal Hinges on Control
  • Court Okays Voter Guides, But IRS Still Watching
  • Contract…What Contract? Church Asks Court
  • Internal Complaint Triggers Retaliation Protection
  • Who Says There’s No Free Lunch? Just Ask IRS
  • FMLA Dominates, Regardless of Regs
  • Tax- Exempt Issues: It’s Back to School for Taxpayers Deducting Tuition
  • Proposed Regs Cover Disclosure for Foundations
  • Pennsylvania Appeals Bible Tax to Supreme Court
  • New York Nonprofit Mail Order Sales Escape Taxes
  • Court Lectures Boy Scouts on Being Morally Straight

August 1999

  • IRS Concedes Defeat (Almost) in Prolonged Litigation Over UBIT on Royalty Income
  • Last call for Telemarketer After Court Ruling
  • Charity settles Exploitation Charges for $395,000
  • Not on Payroll? Liable for Discrimination Anyway
  • Telecommuting Holds Pros & Cons for Nonprofits
  • UBIT- Free Mushrooms Generate Exempt Profits
  • Coming This Fall: Changes in Trademark Law
  • Charity Loses Funding Over Religious Questions
  • New FASB Rule Addresses Donor-Designated Gifts
  • California Considers Credit for Corporate Donors
  • Iowa Exempts Museum Membership & Gift Sales
  • Nebraska Officials Accuse Charity of Funds Abuse

July 1999

  • Ruling Tightens ADA Disability Coverage
  • Internet Posting Makes Couple Liable in Server State
  • Sierra Club Collects $2.7 Million in Donor Dispute
  • Charity ‘Cleans House’ in Wake of Investigation
  • No Free Lunch? Court Says It Depends on Employer
  • State Court Finds Employee Handbook is Contract
  • Tax Deal Extends Education Aid for Employees
  • Christian Coalition Loses Exempt Battle with IRS
  • Gift Value Depends on Market – – Wherever It May Be
  • New Hampshire Taxes Camp’s Lodging Facility

June 1999

  • War Zone: Nonprofit Workers in Harm’s Way
  • FTC May Regulate Nonprofit Trade Associations
  • Cell Phone Tragedy Offers Stark Liability Lesson
  • Partner Perils: Minister Liable for Employment Tax
  • Silicon Valley Group Rallies After Nonprofit’s Fall
  • Charitable Immunity Doesn’t Protect Observer
  • Uniquely Skilled Exec Merits On-Site Compensation
  • Ordained Deacons Qualify for Housing Allowance
  • Law Firm Runs Afoul of Copyright Rules
  • Artful Calculation Plagues Donations, Panel Says
  • Georgia Exempts Sales of Artifacts to Nonprofits
  • Pennsylvania Ends Exemption for Religious Pubs
  • Minnesota Weighs Charitable Deduction Legislation
  • Virginia Requires Exempts to Re-Apply Next Year

May 1999

  • IRS Disclosure Rules Final; Copies of Form 990 Must Be Sent on Request or Posted on Web
  • Charity Wins $16 Million from Unethical Lawyer
  • Volunteer Liability Claim Rejected by Supreme Court Executive Director Jobs: Not Always a Bed of Roses
  • ADA Claim Nets Nonprofit $550,000 from Landlord
  • Court Finds Religious Terminations Discriminatory
  • Museum Soars Past UBIT with Lease on Jet Plane
  • Investments & Service Payments Aren’t Self-Dealing
  • Gift Fund Wins Appeal of Exempt Status Revocation
  • Charitable Tax Relief Sought for Certain Donors
  • D.C. Approves Limited Tax Amnesty for Nonprofits
  • Maryland Y2K Bill Now Pending with Governor
  • Missouri Imposes Taxes on Summer Camp Tuition

April 1999

  • Tax-Exempts Cautioned As Impeachment Freeze Yields to Campaign Breeze
  • Ministry Leaders Face Indictment on Fraud Charges
  • Congress & States Weigh Y2K Liability Limitations
  • From Brazen to Bizarre: Termination Troubles
  • All Work and No Play? You’re Not Alone Anymore
  • Affinity Cards: If Rightly Dealt, Royalties Flushed
  • Fairground Storage Makes Fair Ground for UBIT
  • IRS Reorganization: Expect More Web Site Scrutiny
  • Laws Require Child Abuse Reporting
  • Beyond Bingo: Bill Expands Gambling Exemptions
  • Charities Don’t Invest Charitably, Report Shows
  • Maryland: Retirement Haven for Wealthy Donors?
  • Oregon Lobby Registration Violates Free Speech

March 1999

  • Investigation of Alleged Pyramid Scheme Heats Up
  • Court Rejects IRS Claim of Private Inurement
  • Accidents on Leased Property: Who’s Liable?
  • Private Citizen Can’t Force Nonprofit Disclosure
  • COBRA Bite Enlarges Under Final Regulations
  • Off to Work We Go, While Tax Deductions Bestow
  • Consolidated Reporting: An Issue of Control
  • ‘Artful’ Sale by Nonprofit Avoids Tax Problems
  • Charitable Registration Just Got One Step Easier
  • IRS Cautions Against Split-Dollar Insurance
  • Kansas DOR Does Double Play on Athletic Groups
  • Michigan Church Retreat Not Taxable Property
  • Missouri Exempts Day Care Equipment From Tax
  • North Dakota Lawmakers Defeat Local Option Bill

February 1999

  • 1999 Surprise: Reimbursement Rate Up & Down
  • Church Liable for Negligent Supervision, After Mom Intervenes to Save Son’s Job
  • Criticism on Tape Leads to $1.2 Million Settlement
  • Charities Potentially Liable for Abusive Tax Shelters
  • Housing Allowance: Must Name It to Claim It
  • You’ve Got Mail…But Does the Boss Know?
  • Employers Still Struggle with New Hire Reporting
  • Bowling League Strikes Out on Tax Exemption
  • Charity Exec’s Royalties Get IRS Royal Treatment
  • Automobile Donation Under Regulation
  • Texas Shields Nonprofits from Donor Disclosure
  • Oklahoma Exempts Youth Camps from Sales Tax
  • Virginia Taxes Meals to Employees & Volunteers

January 1999

  • New Legal Trend Continues; Court Upholds County Fundraising Law
  • Trustees Pay $1.5M From Their Own Pockets
  • Foundation Agrees to Periodic Review by State AG
  • Ticket Takers Toil Over Tiny Tax Technicality
  • ADA Claim Without Disability — A Tricky Question
  • Where Does All the Money Go, Employers Wonder
  • Eat, Drink & Be Merry…But Don’t Expect Exemption!
  • Stock Appraisals: Savvy Donors Should Know
  • Although Not Overly Prevalent, Charity Fraud Takes a Toll on Nonprofits
  • IRS Rules Associate Member Dues Not Taxable
  • California Applies Simplified Religious Exemption
  • Hawaii Looks to Nonprofits for New Tax Revenue
  • New Jersey Lifts Taxes on Volunteer-Run Stores