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Using Decades Of
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2000 NPA Archive

December 2000

  • Ergonomic Tidal Wave Rises From OSHA
  • You’ve Got Mail – Now at a Discount
  • IRS Doles Out Political Campaign Punishment
  • Indians Sue Canadian Churches for Alleged Abuse
  • Charity Investigation Continues After CEO Departs
  • Missionary Lawsuit Thwarted by First Amendment
  • Churches Resists Expulsion by Federal Marshals
  • IRS Web Cops On Patrol: New Regulatory Territory?
  • “Pro-Majority” Organization Denied Tax Exemption
  • Move Over Dot Com . . . Dot Biz Is Here!
  • Treasury Says Self-Dealing Rules Apply to DAFs
  • Massachusetts Approves Charitable Tax Deduction
  • Florida Revenue Department Resists Wiccan Spell

November 2000

  • Court Orders Church to Vacate Property for Failure to Pay Over $5 Million in Taxes
  • Give Virtually Anywhere: IRS Approves On-Line Donor Advised Fund
  • Prohibited Play: Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Bishop Estate Insurer Settles for $25 Million
  • FBI Investigates Charity After Executive Resigns
  • Due Diligence Averts Liability in Sexual Abuse Case
  • Don’t Look Now, But I’m Eavesdropping On You
  • IRS Need Not Disclose Confidential Donor Records
  • Charity Watchdog Union: To Merge or Purge?
  • Democratic, Republican Platforms Address Nonprofit Concerns
  • Property Tax Relief for Gift-Sale Donors
  • Sun Shies on School Vouchers in Florida
  • Supreme Court Leaves Utah Fundraising Law Intact

October 2000

  • Church Revocation Upheld, Despite IRS Delay
  • Church Property at Foreclosure Risk if Withholding Taxes Not Paid
  • Just Sign on the Dotted Line . . . or E-Sign
  • Cancer Official Pleads Guilty to $7.8 Million Scam
  • Injured in the Spirit: Ushers Not Liable for Fall
  • Assessing Board Performance: What to Do & Why
  • Dress Down Days Blamed for Tardiness, Poor Habits
  • Disability Benefits Don’t Prevent ADA Claim
  • IRS Paves the Way for Tax Exempt Highway Project
  • Online Fundraising: States Propose Guidelines
  • Zoning Ordinance Upheld; Construction Continues
  • Three Is Better Than One: Transferring Control
  • California Limits Employment Arbitration Clauses

September 2000

  • Disability Settlement with AOL: Does ADA Cover Web Sites?
  • Saving Face: Charity Exec Resigns Over Cosmetic Costs
  • Political Platforms Address Faith-Based Groups
  • Church Copyright Dispute: A Legacy of Litigation
  • Employer Not Liable for “Road Rage” Accident
  • Outraged & Overrated: Employee Cries Retaliation
  • Defamation Arises From Negative Recommendations
  • Paid Leave Now Possible for New Parents
  • Be Our Guest: IRS Okays Foundation Lodge
  • Proposed Legislation Addresses Donor Advised Funds
  • Local Solicitation Law Bound for More Litigation
  • Worthy Investment Avoids Self-Dealing Penalties
  • Frequent Fundraisers: Massachusetts Revises Taxes
  • Tax Credit Standards Change for EO’s in Michigan

August 2000

  • Disabled Workers Classify as “Employees”
  • Solicitation Law Comes Under Fire
  • Jury Clears Nonprofit of Negligence in Shooting
  • Who’s in Charge Here? Lawsuit Forces an Answer
  • Sosa Foundation Hits Home Run to Beat Fraud
  • Duty to Train Leaders Could Prevent Abuse
  • Got a Receipt? May Not Need It for Reimbursement
  • Effective Immediately: Political Loophole Closes
  • Historic AOL/Guidestar Venture Puts Charities in the Sunlight
  • Reminders Work Great, But Won’t Substantiate
  • Bingo! Nonprofits Win Big on Kansas Tax Changes
  • To Be Young Again: Reverse Age Discrimination

July 2000

  • Tax Court Ruling: Ministerial Housing Not Limited to FMV
  • E-Signatures: No Longer Sign on the Dotted Line
  • FBI Investigates Charity Officer for Missing $6.9 M
  • Cozy Condo Causes Concern; But IRS Says Okay
  • Chairman’s Dual Role Threatens Charitable Gift
  • Supreme Court Flushes 5th Circuit’s ADEA Ruling
  • Sharing Assets: The Lawful Union of Two Charities
  • Tea for Two: Good for Marketing; Bad for Taxes
  • Charities Tune Into Radio Possibilities
  • IRS Okays Split-Dollar Deal for Exec Compensation
  • California Bingo Fee Deemed Unconstitutional
  • Idaho Taxes School Greenhouses, Despite Teaching

June 2000

  • Court of Appeals Ruling: Church Loses Exemption After Politicking; IRS Revocation Upheld
  • Gift Annuity Values On the Rise
  • Board Immune From Whistleblower’s Claim
  • Domain Name Protected From Garnishment
  • Stop the Bus: Work Pay Includes Transport Time
  • Choir Director Fits Ministerial Exception to ADA
  • Sweepstakes Okay (Not to Be Confused With Raffle)
  • Old Computers May Not Be Heaven Sent
  • Hospital Retains Property Exemption Despite Profit
  • Cap on Charitable Immunity Damages May End
  • Arkansas Just Says “No” to Blanket Exemption
  • Virginia Tax Filing Deadline Fast Approaching

May 2000

  • After Nine-Year Battle With IRS, Charity Settles Inurement Charges
  • Minister’s Social Security Update
  • Get Out of the Club: Exec’s Fraud Binds Bank
  • Now An Employee—Now He’s Not, for Liability
  • Does Harassment Investigation Hurt the Accused?
  • Outsourcing Doesn’t Relieve Discrimination Liability
  • Scholarships to Schools Must Play By the Rules
  • Heavy Weights: Charity Program Muscles Out UBI
  • Housing Bill Offers Charitable Choice
  • Party On …But Don’t Expect Deduction, Court Says
  • Bill Requires Sufficient Link to Tax Internet Sales
  • Improving the Odds for Charitable Gambling

April 2000

  • Corporate Sponsorships Face Tax Trouble Under Proposed IRS Regulations
  • House Expedites Zoning Disputes
  • Board Compensation: Must Make It Reasonable
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Isn’t Simple Child’s Play
  • Profitable Perks Portend Personal Penalties
  • Nonprofit’s Spending Spree Buys Fed Attention
  • Government Funds Do Not Negate FLSA Exemption
  • Over and Over: Repetitive Motion Injuries Must Stop
  • Receipt Deadline Passes for Calendar Deduction
  • Employer Liable for Supervisor’s Retaliatory Harassment
  • Christian Coalition Battles IRS Over Exemption
  • Mississippi Rejects Release, Holds Instructor Liable
  • Virginia Enacts Collection of Internet Laws

March 2000

  • Disability Act Could Stymie Web Site Designs
  • Faulty Drug Tests: Who’s Liable for Employee Loss?
  • Foundation Resolves Grant Dispute for $4-Million
  • Joint Pay Doesn’t Jive: Charity’s Policy in Question
  • Donations of Stock Options Get Favorable Treatment
  • Social Security Charge Approved for Ministers
  • IRS Confirms Reorganization of Related Nonprofits
  • FMLA Reaches Small “Integrated” Employers
  • No Exemption; No Deduction; No-Brainer
  • Nonprofit Mail Rates On the Rise Again
  • Maryland, Nebraska Rule on Property Taxes

February 2000

  • Clergy Harassment Case Upheld
  • Donor’s Racist Will Leaves $28 Million in Limbo
  • Greenpeace Board Reaction: Not So Peaceful
  • Brochure Promise Could Create Premises Liability
  • Have Car, Will Travel for FLSA Overtime Comp
  • Women’s Health Act Requires New Notice of Surgery
  • Beyond Books: Library Fees Don’t Threaten Status
  • Disclosure Requirements Encompass Foundations
  • One to Another: Gift Makes Lease Income Possible
  • Rebate Helps Charity and Yields Deduction
  • Arizona: Land of Plentiful Charitable Giving
  • California Changes Overtime Laws for Employers
  • Ohio Unveils Trust Fund Law With More Options
  • Tennessee Looks Past Exempt History to Impose Tax

January 2000

  • IRS Fines Health Care Nonprofits $83 Million
  • Trust Pays IRS $9 Million; Retains Exempt Status
  • Mormon Copyright Decision Weakens Internet Links
  • Church Liable for Volunteer Offenses Off-Premises
  • Eviction Ensues in Greater Ministries Pyramid Saga
  • Sick Leave Smolders in the Ashes of Employment
  • First Amendment Trumps Anti-Discrimination Law
  • IRS Seeking Greater Web Site Consciousness
  • Legislation Bans Charitable Split Dollar Plans
  • Parking Garage Sends UBIT Underground
  • Missouri: Summer Camps Swim in Sales Taxes
  • Texas: Making A Legal List and Checking It Twice