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2001 NPA Archive

December 2001

  • IRS Stretches to Expedite 9-11 Giving
  • Anti-Terrorism Law Imposes New Nonprofit Telemarketing Disclosures
  • Technology Abuse: Guilty as Charged!
  • Door-to-Door Solicitations: Supreme Court Will Decide Legality of Town’s Local Restrictions
  • Gift Annuity Foundation Folds; Donors Left Empty
  • Court Invalidates Camp’s Parental Release Form
  • ADA Doesn’t Require Creation of “Light Duty” Job
  • Earning What You’re Worth? Survey Compares Data
  • Per Diem & Mileage Rates Increase Only Slightly
  • Downsizing & Layoffs: Hidden Risks for Managers
  • Handwritten Card Won’t Substantiate Donations
  • ‘Tis the Shopping Season: Deductions for Rebates

November 2001

  • Gift Fund Loses Legal Battle: Appeal Likely
  • New Withholding Rule Applies to Foundations Making Int’l Grants
  • Lender’s Knowledge Voids Claim for Pastor’s Debts
  • What’s In a Name? Just Ask These Two Nonprofits
  • Fraudulent Solicitors May Face Longer Jail Time
  • Missing Evidence Suggests Bad Intent, Court Says
  • Business League, Charity Get IRS Okay on PAC
  • Nonprofit Mailers Slapped With USPS Subpoenas
  • Local Regulators Want “Voluntary” Payments From Charities
  • State Won’t Appeal “Pervasively Sectarian” Standard

October 2001

  • Charities Respond Immediately to Terror; But Fraud Opportunists Mar Efforts
  • Military Leave for Employees: An Employer’s Responsibilities
  • In Name Only: Sponsor of Charity Event Not Liable
  • Company’s Founder Lacks Knowledge, Avoids Taxes
  • Fee Splitting Clause Ruins Arbitration Agreement
  • Minister’s Housing Isn’t Counted in Retirement
  • Forecasting Employment Litigation Trends: Lawsuits Abound
  • Three Times the Charm: USPS Rates Rise Again
  • IRS Open for Business on the Web; Pay Taxes Here!
  • When Employees Take Military Leave, Employers Face Legal Duties

September 2001

  • YMCA Cleared of Liability in Shooting Incident
  • Volunteer Abortion Doctor Reinstated to Adjunct Position
  • IRS Releases Interesting Stats
  • Association Members Lack Standing to Sue Manager
  • Pastor Pays Over $100,000 in Taxes; Ends IRS Battle
  • Baptist Home Didn’t Discriminate in Firing Lesbian
  • Carpal Tunnel Not Always An Automatic Disability
  • Get It in Writing: Court Upholds Unsigned Contract
  • IRS Okays Fragmentation Rule for UBIT Activities
  • Nonprofit Partners with LLC to Build Public Library
  • A New Wave of Drug Testing: Reduce Costs, Lock In Results
  • Alaska Exempts Gift Annuities from Insurance Regs
  • Vermont Won’t Appeal Lobby Tax; Refunds Pending

August 2001

  • Faith-Based Legislation Passes House
  • Donor Advised Funds Flourish
  • Director Can’t Be Removed Prematurely From Board
  • Former United Way President Forfeits $2.4 Million
  • Eavesdrop Carefully: Inform Employees in Advance
  • Title VII & Sexual Orientation: Discrimination?
  • Prove It or Lose It: Donors Must Keep Records
  • Fourth Circuit Upholds State Aid to Religious College, Discards “Pervasively Sectarian” Standard
  • Nonprofit’s Surplus Land Sales Result in UBIT
  • Florida Imposes Property Tax On the Holy Land
  • Vermont Lobbying Tax Chills Free Speech

July 2001

  • Charities Lose Key Issues in New Tax Law
  • Florida Solicitation Law Faces Another Legal Challenge
  • Picture Worth 1,000 Words…and Privacy Rights
  • Executive’s $1000,000 Loan Raises Legal Questions
  • Bad case of Flu Makes Case Law for Employers
  • To Company’s Film Donation, IRS Yells “Cut”!
  • Discrimination Over Contraceptives? Check Your Health Plan
  • International Grant Making Goes Streamlined
  • States Treat Religious Broadcasters Differently

June 2001

  • Religious Hiring: School May Terminate Non-Baptist Employees
  • When the Truth Finally Told: No D&O Insurance!
  • Homeless Shelter Not Liable for Criminal Attack
  • What Me Supervise? Board Tagged with Negligence
  • Elder’s Self-Packed Golden Parachute Fails to Open
  • Campaign Finance Reform Could Affect Charities
  • Boat Gift/Sale Capsizes Under Tax Court Ruling
  • Ohio Law Regulates “unsupervised” Volunteers
  • Pennsylvania Proposes Tax Exemption on All Books

May 2001

  • Ninth Circuit on Joint Ventures: If Nonprofit Yields Control, Exemption Is Lost
  • Supreme Court OK’s Mandatory Employer Arbitration Contracts
  • Library Not at Fault for Child’s Use of Internet Porn
  • Charity Officers Pay Hefty Fine for False Reports
  • CEO Personally Liable for Overtime Oversight
  • Supreme Court Will Decide Repetitive Motion Cases
  • Opera Discord Strikes Sour Note for Radio Manager
  • ADA Coverage for Temps and Contingents Explained
  • After Many Changes, Gift Fund Achieves Exemption
  • Niece’s Access to Collection Is Private Benefit
  • IRS Enforcement Against Nonprofits Slow Down
  • Wisconsin Court Compensates Drunk Employee

April 2001

  • Faith-Based Initiatives: President’s Plan Moves Steadily Forward
  • Congress Blocks Ergonomics Rule
  • May the Best EO Win: Competition Good for Vets
  • Say “Thanks” to Volunteers This Month
  • Donor Withdraws $4.5M Gift, Citing Embarrassment
  • Lutheran Groups Scrutinized Over Insurance Sales
  • Harassment Claim Creates Costly Defamation Suit
  • Taking Leave of FMLA: Must Sick Days Go First?
  • Association’s Outsourced Magazine Produces UBIT
  • Hospital Case Teaches EO/For-Profit Partnership Lessons
  • Executive Compensation on the Rise, Studies Show
  • Maryland Church Property Qualifies for Exemption
  • Give Blood, Get Time Off, Kansas Gov. Decides

March 2001

  • Intermediate Sanctions: IRS Issues New Guidance on Enforcement
  • Protecting Donor Privacy
  • Tax Deductions Increase
  • Baseball Team Can’t Control Volunteer’s Foul Play
  • Bishop Estate Trustees Settle for IRS Sanctions
  • Securities Firm Pays $800,000 for its New Era Role
  • Permanent Educational Assistance Plan Introduced
  • Contract Slip Leads to Reinstatement of Drug User
  • Rental Income From Broadcast Tower Makes UBIT
  • Contractor v. Employee: Incorrect Classification Could Cost Big Bucks
  • Cash Gifts Are Great, But Donor Must Substantiate
  • New Jersey Awards Worker Comp to Camp Trainee

February 2001

  • Volunteer Files Retaliation Lawsuit
  • IRS Releases CPE Text for 2001
  • Contract Cancels Nonprofit’s Liability Protection
  • Company Policy in Incriminating Photos Upheld
  • Local Affiliate Beats National in Property Dispute
  • Circuit Courts Balk at DOL’s FMLA Regulations
  • Football Tickets Cause Fumble on Employee Taxes
  • Foundation Partners With Charity on Scholarships
  • Failed Office Supply Scam Targeted Nonprofits
  • Investment Help: An Exception to Self-Dealing Rules
  • Telemarketers Beware: Calls Could Cost Big Money

January 2001

  • Court Removes Board Members for Abuses
  • Scouts Sue School District for Access
  • The Check’s In the Mail . . . But Where’d It Go?
  • Fraternity Liable for $250,000 in Party Accident
  • Deacon’s Police Hat Tops Cleric Collar
  • Small Nonprofit Employers Shift to Quarterly Taxes
  • $300,000 Price Tag for Criticizing Jury Service
  • New 2001 Mileage Rates: Deductions Increase
  • Nonprofit’s Scale of Real Estate Produces UBI
  • States Look to Internet for New Sales Taxes
  • Emailed Gift Receipt? IRS Says “Maybe”
  • Legal Announcements Required for NY Foundations
  • Executive Residences Now Exempt in Michigan