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2003 Nonprofit Alert Archive

December 2003

  • U.S. Charitable Donations Decline
  • Waiver Protects From Death Claim
  • Hospital Pays Back Donor’s $6 Million Gift
  • Postage Fraud Settlement Stings Direct Marketing
  • National Registry May Aid Regulators
  • Adjusting Gifts in Today’s Dollars
  • Overtime Changes May Affect Charity Employees

November 2003

  • New Faith-Based Funding and Regs
  • Reasonable Compensation Media Story Sparks Legal Inquiries by State Regulators
  • Court Reprimands Executive for Breach of Duty
  • Court Says No Undue Influence With $1M Gift
  • Exempt Status Not Jeopardized by Scholarship to Relatives
  • Insurance: Know What You’ve Got Before You Need It

October 2003

  • H.R. 7 Update: Charity Legislation Stays on Track
  • Halloween Hayride Harm: Scary Scenario Case Proceeds Against Church
  • Retired Executive Faces Lawsuit for Improper Payments
  • $1.25 Million Claim Dismissed; Foundation Cleared
  • Nonprofit Coaching Team Scores Tax Exemption After Prolonged IRS Challenge
  • Volunteer Directors Avoid Personal Liability for Employee’s Claim

September 2003

  • IRS Gives Thumbs Up Approval to Nonprofit’s Joint Venture
  • No Volunteer Immunity in Fender-Bender
  • Opera Hits Flat Note on Donor’s Gift
  • Donor Goes to Jail for Fraud with DAF
  • Health Club Gives YMCA Legal Workout on Business Competition
  • Employee Fraud on the Rise
  • No More Faxes: FCC Rules Affect Charity Marketing

August 2003

  • The Fight for Nonprofit Health Benefits
  • N.Y. Pushes Tougher Charity Rules
  • Associations Oppose H.R. 7 Provision
  • IRS Nixes Nonprofit Stock Option Plans
  • Support for Religious Criteria
  • “Death Tax” and Charitable Giving

July 2003

  • Operation Phony Philanthropy
  • Court Rejects “Females Only” Policy
  • USPS: Split Mailing Costs for Charities?
  • IRS Says “No” to Teacher Housing Allowances
  • Publishing Booklet Won’t Hurt Nonprofit
  • Campaign Law Still Uncertain

June 2003

  • Supreme Court Upholds State Fraud Charges Against Charity
  • Gospel Missions Challenges Solicitation Ordinance on Constitutional Grounds
  • Did Failure to Supervise Cause Volunteer’s Fall
  • Employee Copyright Infringement: What They Download Could Hurt You
  • Nonprofit’s Trustees Escape Joint Liability for Bad Investments
  • 7th Circuit: State Funding to Religious Halfway House Passes Constitutional Review
  • Senate Offers CARE for Charities

May 2003

  • Supreme Court Denies Certiorari, Signaling Positive Outlook for Exempt Bonds
  • IRS Clarifies Limits on Foundation Transfers to Charity; Relaxes 5-Year Rule for Public Charities
  • Fund Finally Achieves Tax Exempt Status After 10-Year Battle with IRS over Control Issues
  • Religious Exemption Applies Throughout Employment, Not Just at Hiring Time
  • IRS Hooks Company Fishing Trip Fringe Benefits
  • Responding to Crisis: Recommendations for Charities
  • Founder’s Advisory Contract Avoids Self-Dealing

April 2003

  • Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Charity Free Speech, Solicitation Case
  • Court Protects Nonprofits from Bankruptcy
  • War’s Impact on Charities: Between Iraq and a Hard Place
  • Board Isn’t Separately Liable from Nonprofit
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Bookkeeper & Boyfriend Indicted for Stealing Foundation’s Checks
  • Divorce Ends Marriage, But Not COBRA Coverage
  • Americorp “Volunteer” Can’t Claim Worker’s Comp
  • Web-Based Job Placement Compliments Exemption
  • New York A.G. Proposes Stiffer Corporate Accountability on Nonprofits

March 2003

  • IRS Policy Now Protects Donor Privacy
  • New Political Guide for Religious Groups
  • Nonprofit CEO Spouse Equals Disqualified Person; Consulting Fees Must Meet Excess Benefit Test
  • Board Slapped with $600,000 in Whistleblower Suit
  • FMLA Claim Nets $11.6 Million for Parental Care
  • Sick Leave Exchange Program Benefits Employees While Avoiding Tax Consequences
  • States Working to Simplify Online Sales Taxes
  • Protestant Donations Rise, But Social Gifts Drop
  • Virginia Amends Property Tax Exemptions

February 2003

  • Music to Donor’s Ear-Marked
  • Contribution for Composer: It’s Tax Deductible
  • Nonprofits Ordered to Dissolve After Profiting Executive and Abandoning Charitable Purpose
  • “Do-Not-Call” Means One and All; Limited Exception Only for Charities
  • Volunteers Sue Foundation for Contract Breach
  • Camp Caretaker’s Rent Doesn’t Destroy Exemption
  • Employee Internet Use: Improving Productivity or Increasing Liabilities?
  • Foundations Score Favorable IRS Rulings on Training Seminars and Classroom Construction

January 2003

  • IRS Changes Policy To Protect Donor Privacy
  • New Political Guide for Religious Groups
  • Nonprofit CEO’s Spouse Equals Disqualified Person
  • Board Slapped with $600,000 in Whistleblower Suit
  • Sick Leave Exchange Program Benefits Employees While Avoiding Tax Consequences
  • FMLA Claim Nets $11.6 Million for Parental Care
  • States Gather to Drink at the Streamlining of Sales Taxes
  • Protestant Donations Rise, But Social Gifts Drop
  • Virginia Amends Property Tax Exemptions
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