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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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2005 Nonprofit Alert Archive

November/December 2005

  • Congress Passes Hurricane Katrina Tax Relief Act; Reintroduces CARE Act of 2005
  • Court Upholds Right of Salvation Army to Discriminate on Basis of Religion
  • IRS Proposes Regulations on Revocation of Tax Exemption
  • IRS Completes Audit of The Nature Conservancy
  • “What is the Legal Status of Pledges?”
  • IRS Publishes Draft of the Revised Form 990

September/October 2005

  • “Gripe Site” May Use Domain Name
  • Legislation Would Require Massachusetts Churches to Disclose Finances
  • HHS Suspends Funding of Silver Ring Thing
  • Credit Union Assumes Liabilities Upon Merger, Avoids Liability for Employment Termination
  • Benny Hinn Ministries Faces Local and Federal Scrutiny
  • IRS Determines That A “Church” Is Not a Church
  • IRS Seeks Comment on Revised Forms 990; Releases New Vehicle Contribution Form

July/August 2005

  • Panel on the Nonprofit Sector Issues Final Report
  • Senate Concludes Investigation of the Nature Conservancy, Targets Conservation Easements IRS Provides Clarification on New Used Car Donation Restrictions
  • Supreme Court Upholds RLUIPA’s Protections for Prisoners’ Religious Liberties
  • $20 Million in DOL Funding Available for Faith-Based and Community Organizations
  • “Earth Protectors” Failed to Protect Its Name

May/June 2005

  • Charity Sues Its Founder to Protect Its “Habitat”
  • ACLU Challenges Silver Ring Thing
  • House Passes Estate Tax Repeal
  • New Nonprofit Mail Ruling Effective June 1st
  • The Confederacy Lives: Vanderbilt Must Honor Donor’s Confederate Condition
  • IRS Issues Clarification on International Rules
  • Department of Justice Launches National Sex Offender Public Registry Site
  • IRS Announces Proposed E-Filing Requirements

March/April 2005

  • Proposed Legislation from Multiple Sources Would Expand NonProfit Regulation
  • CARE ACT Reintroduced
  • NAACP Refuses to Cooperate with IRS Audit
  • Court Approves AmeriCorps Funding of Volunteers in Religious Schools
  • Nonprofits’ Pooling of International Affiliates’ Funds Doesn’t Require SEC Registration
  • “Old” Form 1023 Phasing Out

January/February 2005

  • Senate-Commissioned Panel Releases Recommendations on Nonprofit Legislation
  • IRS Investigates Possible Political Campaign Violations by NAACP
  • DOL Issues New Rules on Foreign Workers
  • Supreme Court Rules on Fair Use of Trademarks
  • New Law Encourages Tsunami Relief Efforts
  • IRS Offers Workshops for Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits: What and Why