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1997 Nonprofit Alert Archive

December 1997

  • IRS Gears Up to Enforce New Intermediate Sanctions Law
  • Donors Can’t Sue to Enforce Gift Conditions, Court Rules
  • States Eye Internet as Potential Source of New Taxes
  • Employer’s COBRA Notice Must Also Go to Spouse
  • Court Upholds Nonprofit’s FUTA Exemptions
  • Majority of Employers Sued During Last Five Years
  • Firing Pregnant Employee Upheld When Performance-Based
  • University’s Designated Gift Program Passes IRS
  • Investment fund Fails to Qualify as Exempt Organization
  • Religious College Excluded from State Funding Program
  • Rhode Island Follows Pennsylvania in Denying Bible Exemption
  • State Sales Tax Trends: No Exemptions for Nonprofit Contractors
  • Virginia Supreme Court Limits Wrongful Termination
  • Charitable Gift Annuities Don’t Trigger Taxes, IRS Rules
  • University Licenses Name, Logo for Restaurant
  • Common Fundraising Forms Available for Download

November 1997

  • Overhaul at the IRS: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?
  • Proposed Rules Address Concerns Over Charity Disclosure
  • Legislation Would Allow Deductions for Non-Itemizes
  • Charity Trustees Criticized for Excessive Compensation
  • Anonymous Tip Leads Investigators to Embezzling Executive
  • New Era Founder Sentenced to 12 Years
  • Credit Checks Require Employees’ Written Authorization
  • Court Upholds Same-Sex Harassment Because of Perception
  • Housing Partnership Relates to Exempt Purpose
  • Bar & Grill’s Fund Raising Group Isn’t Exempt
  • Florida Registration Law Challenged as Unconstitutional
  • CAREFUL Coalition Makes Inroads at IRS
  • Pennsylvania’s Denial of Bible Exemption Under Appeal
  • Foundation Trustees Locked in Legal Battle Over Removal
  • Nonprofit Postage Charts Compare Past & Future Rates

October 1997

  • Postal Service Backs off Restrictions on ‘Premiums’
  • Tax Court Reaffirms NUBIT on ‘Affinity’ Credit Cards
  • College Controller Charged with Embezzling $1.2 Million
  • Ruling Opens Door to Litigation Over Tax Exempt Bonds
  • HIV-Positive Not Covered by Disabilities Act, Court Rules
  • Failure to Mitigate Weakens Employee’s FMLA Claim
  • Property Rental for Art Shows OK, But Not for Concerts
  • Washington State Weighs Rules for ‘Coventurer’
  • Colorado Revises Nonprofit Statutes After 30 Years
  • Pennsylvania Ends Tax Exemption on Religious Items
  • Federal Religion Guidelines Destined for Private Workplace
  • Easier Tax Laws Encourage Charitable Giving
  • Planned Giving Gets Boost from Montana Legislature
  • Internet Newsletter Offers Tips on Federal Grants
  • Thinking of Relocating Your Organization?

September 1997

  • New Tax Law Brings Good & Bad News for Exempt Orgs
  • Court Sides with Church; Orders IRS to Release Records
  • Federal Judge Approves $61 Million to New Era Victims
  • Historic Landmark Sued for Child Molestation
  • Employer Escapes Defamation Based on Rehire Statement
  • Officer’s Salary Reasonable, Based on Company’s Success
  • Trade Show Advertising Produces UBIT, Despite Content
  • Public Services Coincide with Exempt Purpose
  • Museum’s Sale of Educational Toys Exempt from Tax
  • Illinois Suspends Tax Audits of New Nonprofits
  • New Jersey Rejects Parsonage Exemption for Rabbi
  • Discrimination Laws Just Got Tougher for Small Employers
  • Son’s Inheritance Transfers Without Deductions
  • Charitable Giving Highest Among Utah Citizens
  • More Charities Qualify for Combined Federal Campaign
  • Updated IRS Per Diem Pub Now Available
  • Private Foundations Enjoy Boom in Asset Growth

August 1997

  • Tithes from Bankrupt Couple Go Another Round After Supreme Court Ruling
  • Congress Passes New Relief Bill for Charitable Annuities
  • Looking to 1998: Postal Service Eyes More Rate Increases
  • SEC Accuses Three Ministers in Securities Scandal
  • Charitable Immunity Overcome by Volunteer’s Suit
  • Catholic Diocese Ordered to Pay $1.2 Million Judgment
  • Job Seekers Lie to Land a Job, Survey Shows
  • Ashcroft Bill Protects Against Volunteer Liabilities
  • Presidential Campaign on Internet Factional, Not Political
  • Retail Value Offers Best Assessment of Donations
  • IRS Considers Raising Threshold for Filing Form 990s
  • Appreciated Gifts Deduction Survives Pending Tax Bills
  • States Turn to Religious Nonprofits for Welfare Help
  • Minnesota Debates tax Credit for Serving Poor
  • North Carolina Legislation Would Increase Giving
  • Donor’s Estate Claims Deduction for Charitable Pledge
  • Government Consolidates Nonprofit Info on Web Site

July 1997

  • New Tax Proposals Include Provisions Affecting Nonprofits
  • Ohio Relieves Charitable Trusts from Banking Laws
  • IRS Waives Penalty for Failure to File Taxes Electronically
  • Boston University Liable for $5.7M Contract Breach
  • Nonprofits & Fundraising Firm Hit with Solicitation Penalty
  • Supreme Court Lets Ruling Stand on Student Harassment
  • Congress Considers Revisions to Charitable Mileage Deduction
  • Small Businesses, Colleges Targeted for Pension Plans
  • Golf Fees Often Taxable, But IRS Carves Out Exception
  • Watchdog Group Points Partisan Politics Finger at Pastor
  • Management Firm’s Loan to Nonprofit Passes IRS Review
  • Nonprofit’s Education Classes Augment Exempt Purpose
  • Internet & Nonprofits: All It’s Cracked Up to Be?
  • Alabama Proposes Exemptions for Summer Camps
  • North Dakota Fails in Linking Exemptions to Income
  • Oregon Requires Written Leases on Exempt Property
  • Contributions Increase at Healthy Rate Over Past Years
  • IRS Lists Charities on Government Web Site