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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You

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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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A Seasoned Law Firm In Appeals Litigation

Gammon & Grange is regarded throughout the area as one of the leading firms in appellate litigation. Our attorneys represent individuals, companies and entities in all types of appeals and appellate proceedings.

The appeals process can be particularly complicated, drawing in several layers of complexity. Our firm is experienced in conducting the necessary discovery, preparation and litigation to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

Handling Appeals In A Broad Range Of Areas

If you or your company experienced an unfavorable outcome and feel that your case was mishandled or misrepresented, you have legal options for appealing the ruling. Our team will conduct the necessary investigation and trial preparation to demonstrate how the case should have been handled by the original legal team.

Our firm provides appellate representation in all types of appeals, including:

  • Business and commercial litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Construction and real estate litigation
  • Personal injury

Our lawyers handle all legal briefs and argue pretrial motions, moving the case forward. We conduct thorough research on the legal motions and precedents that shape the case and influence an appeal in the matter. Our firm strives to out-work and out-prepare opposing parties to achieve the most advantageous outcome possible. We are known throughout the area for our abilities to get results for our clients.

If you are seeking to appeal a previous ruling, please contact our law offices today for an initial consultation.

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