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After A Stroke Misdiagnosis, You Need A Reliable Malpractice Attorney 

Depending on the type of stroke involved, early stages of a stroke may offer a patient a hopeful window of opportunity to obtain effective treatment. Early intervention in the case of a thrombotic stroke may mean there will be excellent chances of recovery. A delay in diagnosis or treatment can result in a much worse outcome, possibly leaving the stroke victim with lasting disabilities that could have been prevented through prompt treatment.

You may have arrived at this web page after going to the emergency room (ER) in the early stages of a thrombotic stroke and missing out on diagnosis and treatment that could have improved your outlook. Maybe ER triage personnel did not properly prioritize your case when you arrived with symptoms of thrombotic stroke. Perhaps doctors did not administer anti-clotting medications in time to prevent permanent injury.

Whatever your circumstances, Gammon & Grange, P.C., can evaluate your case. Our northern Virginia attorneys can advise you on how to pursue compensation. They are prepared to initiate a thorough investigation into the facts of your case and advocate on your behalf.

After A Health Care Provider’s Failure To Diagnose A Stroke Has Caused You Harm, Contact Us

In general, stroke misdiagnosis should not happen in our day of modern medicine and sophisticated diagnostic tools. Emergency room doctors (or other doctors whom you may have consulted) should take stroke symptoms seriously and respond promptly. Learn how the medical malpractice lawyers at Gammon & Grange, P.C., can represent you in a medical malpractice claim. Call 703-873-7349 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation. Learn how our law firm’s commitment to legal excellence and track record of success can benefit you.