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Using Decades Of
Experience To Work For You
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Injuries From Auto Defects Can Be Life-Changing; We Will Fight For You

When consumers purchase any product, they expect safety along with functionality. In an effort to bolster the bottom line, all too many companies cut corners and do not adequately test their products. Automobiles are some of the most commonly consumed products and can be among the most dangerous when improperly designed. That said, if you have been injured due to a faulty aspect of an automobile, you may be able to obtain compensation in a civil suit.

That said, product liability cases can be extremely drawn-out and expensive. Because of this, it is critical to partner with a legal team that is extremely adept at discovery/investigation, deposition and civil litigation.

Northern Virginia Car Product Defect Injury Attorneys

For more than three decades, the legal team at Gammon & Grange has taken on some of the state’s most complex product liability cases. As such, the team is prepared to work on cases involving:

  • Delamination of tires
  • Defective tires
  • Defective seat belts
  • Use of recall tires
  • Brake shift interlock
  • Ford rollover cases
  • Forklift defects
  • Cherry pickers
  • Seat belts and harnesses

The team may be able to pursue damages for issues related to negligence, strict liability or implied warranties on issues involving but not limited to design negligence, testing/inspection failure, recall notice negligence and documentation negligence, including not providing adequate instructions, warnings and labels.

For a confidential consultation and information on how the auto defect lawyers of Gammon & Grange, P.C., can put over 30 years of trial experience to work for you, including in trucking accidents, call us at 703-761-5000 , email us, or fill out the intake form on the Contact page. Discover how the firm earned its reputation for legal excellence and track record of success.