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PTSD Remains A Real Issue, And Our Skilled Lawyers Will Advocate For You

Many people think of post-traumatic stress disorder as something that occurs in military contexts. They are familiar with the idea of military members and contract workers who have been injured in Iraq or Afghanistan as being at risk of PTSD. While it is true that many veterans struggle with PTSD, it is also true that many civilians who have been injured at home in “ordinary” car accidents and workplace accidents may also suffer from this disorder. PTSD, when it is present in a recovering accident victim, does not discriminate on the basis of where or how a traumatic injury occurred.

Have you, your doctors and your family been perplexed by your difficulty returning to a normal lifestyle after a car accident or workplace injury? You may experience symptoms such as apathy, depression, anxiety, tremors or a sleep disorder. You may find it difficult or impossible to let go of the memory of the trauma of the crash or serious accident. PTSD may leave you unable to hold down a 40-hour-a-week job or function well in your personal life.

Ample compensation after a car accident or other serious accident can provide you with the means to get top-notch rehabilitative treatments, while coping with the financial realities associated with loss of income through inability to work. Northern Virginia personal injury attorneys at Gammon & Grange, P.C., in McLean can explain how our law firm can help you recover compensation you are eligible for when PTSD is part of your post-accident reality.

Northern Virginia PTSD Injury Attorney

Even a seemingly minor car accident or workplace injury can result in lasting psychological trauma. There should be no shame in getting the help you need to cope with PTSD after an accident. Rehabilitative therapies, medication and/or support groups may help, as well as the passage of time. Financial resources can give you options for coping that you would not have otherwise. Learn how our law firm can help you pursue appropriate compensation for an accident that caused a concussion and has resulted in development of PTSD.

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